Interview with Xapic at 4YFN 2018

Xapic, powering machine conversation for smart city and connected car solutions

This IMPACT Growth acceleration programme beneficiary has been named by Google as one of the top 10 leading European startups.


“Everyone is talking about digital transformation, everyone is hitting a barrier when working with their data. We are focused on connected vehicles now because it is one of the spaces where there is the most excitement around new applications, but it is not only limited to that”, explains Christian Umbach, CEO and Co-Founder of Xapix.


Xapix is an API (Application Programming Interface) and data integration platform which empowers enterprises to exchange data, fostering new digital business models and artificial intelligence in the smart cities and connected car space. It is a tool that powers the machine conversation through a connector solution that allows companies as BMW and others leverage the data of their vehicles, connect it and make it available to their partners. This German startup based in Berlin is one of the beneficiaries of IMPACT Growth acceleration programme.


It was about three years ago when Christian realised in the ITB Travel Hackathon (February 2015 in Berlin) that developers have issues working with enterprises and legacy data available at those entreprises. That is why he decided to create a tool that allows them to plug and play with the data and make progress much faster. At the time, Christian was an API product manager for Lufthansa. Raphael, who was working with an enterprise SaaS company in Silicon Valley, and Oliver, an “API Guru” working with a Berlin based startup, joined Christian, and that is how Xapix was born.


Its added value can be found in its ability to reduce custom coding by using their connector solutions where a connector can go into a legacy service to combine the data and make it available to their partners through a very simple API they create. By 2020, 37% enterprises are expected to adopt API management solutions. The number of connected devices will grow to over 30 billion and enterprises will spend over $3 billion to maintain an ever growing number of third party integrations.


In April 2017, Xapix was named by Google as one of Europe’s Top 10 leading startups, but also Techstars IoT New York named them a Top 10 startup in January, followed by IMPACT Accelerator, who named Xapix a Top 10 European company in June.


IMPACT Growth acceleration programme, “fundamentally valuable” for Xapix


IMPACT Growth acceleration programme has been “fundamentally valuable for us to connect to more enterprises, like some of their partners as Ferrovial. At the same time, it has changed our perspective on publicly available grant funding, both through IMPACT and the other Horizon 2020 instruments, and in Germany through the Federal Ministry of Transport, which has recently provided us with a support of more than half a million euros”, explains Christian, who remarks that “this has only been possible for us by the perspective that IMPACT gave us on those type of funding instruments.”


He also highlights that IMPACT Growth is a great way to connect with big corporations, which are customers for Xapix, because thanks to the programme startups can go to international events where they will find the right stakeholders from the organization looking for startups.


“Network the hell out of all the connections you can get both on the VC and customer side. Use it as a platform to grow your company and get your story out there”, advices Christian about acceleration programmes. 


Besides, Christian assures that no single programme is going to help a startup success to a massive point, so the biggest value that they bring is network. “Network the hell out of all the connections you can get both on the VC and customer side. Use it as a platform to grow your company and get your story out there”, he advices.

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