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Want to improve healthcare or smart agrifood industries? Apply to IMPACT POLAND!

From May, 17th to June, 14th, 2017, FundingBox will be looking for innovators, visionaries and inventors creating solutions for the health and agrifood industries. If you are one of them and want to develop your own business, apply to IMPACT_POLAND, a unique acceleration program designed for startups and small businesses related to #healthcare and #agrifood.

“2nd IMPACT POLAND call will be alive from May, 17th to June, 14th, 2017. First batch finished on February, 2017.”

This will be our second open call: the first batch of the IMPACT_POLAND acceleration program, which was also looking for startups that develop new technologies for healthcare and agrifood industry, finished on February, 2017. During the one-month submission period, 148 applications were received. This can be considered a very good result, because these verticals are very narrow in Poland and the call was launched with short pre-announcement time.

During this first batch, the program has accelerated a startup which will be able to test and verify its solutions with solutions with three big companies: the largest Polish pharmaceutical distributor, GRH Zydowo, a farm which belongs to a state-owned company and Olewnik Bis, which is one of the biggest meat processing plants. These three companies show that cooperation with start-ups can be a way to gain competitive advantage. They have chosen projects that can primarily bring about process savings, but also extend their own offerings.

Exemplary solutions included in Impact Poland program are Aisens – home tele-rehabilitation system, which consists of software and a set of sensitive sensors and the med tech project eDoktor24, which is a tele-medicine system for remote medical consultation. There are also solutions related to the agricultural sector such as Vegi – a project of automated whole year round greenhouses – and SmartBerries – a mobile application examining the content of polyphenols in fruit.

The complete list of winners of the first open call can be checked, for inspiration of those who wish to apply to the second call, at IMPACT POLAND website in FundingBox.

“Around €40K equity free for innovative start-ups and small businesses in #healthcare and #agrifood sectors”

Under this second call of our program selected projects receive equity free funding, individual mentoring and access to know-how of large industry partners (healthcare and agrifood). We want to find projects that create innovative technologies, products and services for our big partners from health and agrifood industries.

Under the acceleration program the selected companies will receive:

  • 180k PLN (ca. 40k EUR) equity free fundinglthcare, acceleration
  • Individual mentoring program
  • Access to the know-how and technology of industry partner – NEUCA S.A. (healthcare), GRH Żydowo (state owned company co-related with agrifood), Meat Plant Olewnik Bis sp z o.o (agrifood).

“The program targets young innovative businesses established in Poland which seek capital and support of large companies”

The acceleration program targets small companies which:

  • Operate for less than 5 years
  • Create modern solutions in health or agrifood sector
  • Create or develop innovative solutions that support business processes in health or agrifood sector
  • Seek capital and support of a large, experienced company.

If selected and not established in Poland, you would be required to create a society there.

Interested? Learn more and apply, from May, 17th to June, 14th, 2017 at 16:00 CET, at:


Miroslaw Manelski
Deputy Accelerator Program Manager

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