Impact open calls on september 2017

Over 3 M€ for startups & SME through calls on September 2017

IMPACT Accelerator, which has invested €6.4 million in 63 startups during 2014-2016 which has recently been named among the top 10 in Gust’s Global Accelerator Report, launches two new open calls to distribute around €3 million among startups and SMEs:

  • On September 5th IMPACT Growth program launches an open call to distribute €1,8 million among 14 startups and SMEs and,
  • By the end of September, IMPACT Connected Car will launch its first open call with €1,1 million to fund 25 to 35 startups.


IGrowth 2nd Open Call


IMPACT Growth will distribute €1,8 million among 14 startups working in Smart Agrifood, Smart Cities, Smart Content or Smart Manufacturing verticals. The beneficiaries will get up to €250,000 equity free and a complete set of acceleration services. To know more, you can read our previous post for the details about the program and you can also meet the winners of the first open call here.


The new open call will be launched on September 5th, in DLD Tel Aviv, so if you are there come and visit us.

The main difference of this call is that there will be two deadlines: October 24th and the final deadline December 12th. The companies that apply before the first deadline will benefit of more time to be evaluated, also, in case they don’t pass to the next phase they will receive feedback they can take into account to improve their application before the second deadline.


Subscribe to our community to be up to date, and to receive tips to be successful in your application. And, from September 5th, apply here to take your startup to the next level.


ICCar 1st Open Call

IMPACT Connected Car

IMPACT Connected Car is an EU financed project, under INNOSUP initiative of the European Commission. Based on the expertise gained by IMPACT Accelerator, IMPACT Connected Car is led by FundingBox and ISDI, has a budget of €2.1 million and aims at identifying companies (SMEs and startups) that will lead the creation of new value chains in the Connected Car OpenSpace with vehicle, infrastructure and device interactions as well as consumer and business services.


A total funding of € 2,1 Million € equity free to create new value chains in the Connected Car Open Space


The network of partners undertaking this project consist of a powerful team of 17 innovation leaders: coordinated by FundingBox and with acceleration services led by ISDI, the programme is supported by the participation of the FIWARE Foundation, Mobile World Capital Barcelona, and 5 “C-Car Hubs” (CTAG, INSERO, Mov’eo, MSAK/Autoklastr and Lublin Science and Technology Park). Industry leaders, including PSA Group, Ferrovial Servicios, and the Federation Internationale de l’Automobile, will provide further market support to the SMEs and startups.

Furthermore, over 15 additional partners support us in community building (see more about our community below): MAPFRE, VALEO, BOSCH, ITS Spain, FARADAY MOTION, and more…


From 2017 to 2019, over 60 companies (SMEs and startups) will join the IMPACT Connected Car support programme in two different open calls and receive up to €60.000 without giving up company equity.  Top performing startups will have the opportunity to receive additional private funding of up to €200,000 from participating venture capital funds.


1st Open Call is launching by end of September!


The program, which will launch its first open call in late September 2017, is aimed at companies with a proven track-record, and with products that are already in the market.


Each of the 2 open calls, will select a group of 20 to 35 startups / SMEs to go through the smartization programme, with several stages through which beneficiaries will receive up to €60,000 equity free if successful going through the whole process, which has an approximate duration of 8 to 9 months:

  1. Disruptive Boot Camp (Stage 1), during the 1st month
  2. From those, the best will go to the Ignition Plan (Stage 2), during 2-3 months
  3. At final stage, companies will go through the application development (Stage 3) during the last 4-5 months of the programme.


Not only funding, ICCar has more to give!


As in IMPACT’s previous programs, funding will go hand-in-hand with a high-performance training program in which renowned experts and international entrepreneurs will deliver practical sessions across C-Car Hubs and partners facilities. In addition, entrepreneurs will have access to an international network of more than one hundred recognized mentors, founders, and investors who are experts in different key areas of knowledge, both in the digital sector and in the automotive industry.


Mentors will help startups solve complex issues related to business, technology, and scalability. Following the acceleration phase of the program, top companies will have the opportunity to receive private funding of up to €200,000 from participating venture capital funds.


The participation of FIWARE Foundation will allow the beneficiaries to receive support in incorporating FIWARE technologies into their software architecture. FIWARE is an innovative, open source, and cloud-based technology stack that eases the creation and global deployment of smart services and applications in the new digital era.


And more, and more….IMPACT Connected Car Community


Beyond the funding and smartization / acceleration services provided to beneficiaries, the project has set up its community built under “C-Car platform” concept.

The C-Car platform is conceived to become the place of reference for all the actors related to the Connected Car Industry, so if you are interested in joining this opportunity (no matter if you are or not beneficiary of our open calls, this is open for ALL), this is what it also offer:

  • The <IMPACT> Connected Car Community, where relevant stakeholders such as SMEs, Large Industries, Innovation Hubs, Clusters and Regions linked to the Connected Car Industry will be registered. The community has already over 100 members and expects to reach 4.000 by the end of 2019.
  • The <IMPACT> Connected Car Innovations Section (Marketplace): a shop-window customised to user’s profile to be inspired by disruptive innovations and trends related to the Connected Car industry. Currently under construction, it will be built thanks to partners collaboration and also feedback from applicants to open calls.
  • The <IMPACT> Connected Car Spaces Section: real time messaging to organise conversations among users through different channels. So far, there are 2 spaces already available. Spaces will be created responding to the C-Car community interests and trends related to the topics of the project.


You can sign up to our community to start interacting with other peers in the Connected Car topic and to stay updated about next calls.

Roi Rodríguez & David Seoane

Project managers (IGrowth & ICCar, respectively).

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