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July started with the launch of two new open calls (the ones from Data Pitch and RobMoSys projects), but not only that: other 9 calls are still alive and 16 additional calls are expected to open in the next months, until the end of the year. As you can see, cascade funding (this is, open calls launched by EU funded projects) landscape  is going to be quite warm this summer and well into the second half of the year too. A fast overview to spot the calls that fit your project?


New open calls

Data Pitch launched a competition for start-ups and SMEs to take part in their acceleration programme and create high impact, innovative products and services in response to the 11 data challenges defined within the project. Winners of this call, which has a deadline on 1 October 2017, will be accepted into the 6-month virtual accelerator programme and will get an equity free investment of up to €100,000, introduction to investors, peer-networking and support via meetups in major European cities and access to technology and data sets, as well as training materials and webinars.


On the other hand, RobMoSys has also launched on 10 July an open call, with a deadline on 9 October 2017, to select up to 12 projects and fund (up to € 300 k per project) the enrichment of the RobMoSys ecosystem by developing software, such as models and meta-models artefacts (electronic form), software tools to produce, process and communicate models and meta-models, or software code compliant to the proposed methodology (models and meta-models).


Alive open calls

There are also some calls that are still open for a few weeks:

  • OrganiCity 2nd Deadline: 31/08/17. Funding: up to € 60K maximum per experiment which involves urban data and the Internet of Things and can be prototyped, tested and observed in a real-life urban setting.
  • ACTTiVAte‘s call. Deadline: 05/09/17. Funding for new value chains which imply technology transfer within Aerospace, Agro-food, Health and ICT: up to € 6K and limited support services for proposals joining the phase 1 (Commercialization strategy) and € 46K plus full package of support services for proposals joining phase 1 and 2 (commercialization strategy and proof of concept).
  • bIoTope 1st open call. Deadline: 22/08/17. Funding: up to € 150K per extension for use cases’ support (such as hardware/software for data collection and analysis and integration to bIoTope System of Systems platform).
  • Gateone open call. Deadline: continuous submission, until all funds are allocated (only 2 demonstrators remaining). Funding: subsidized innovation service for European smartisation (SMEs does not pay for the design or fabrication of the demonstrator. The average demonstrator development cost is € 50K.
  • Rosin call for Focused Technical Projects. Deadline: continuous submission until 31/12/2020 or until budget is allocated (1st cut-off date: 30/06/17). Funding: up to 33% of the cost of development projects, which targets concrete business needs and complements the work on the basic ROS infrastructure.
  • Permides Deadline: 15/11/17 (2nd cut-off date on 31/08/17). Funding:  vouchers of up to € 60K for biopharma SMEs to use innovative IT solutions in the personalized medicine domain.


Also the Silver Economy Awards, powered by SEED project, opened on 8 June their call for innovative solutions to improve the quality of life for over 50s and has a deadline on 15 November 2017. Although it seems that no funding is implied, it’s a good opportunity for promotion, networking and exchange.


Forthcoming open calls

Some projects are also scheduling calls for the next 6 months in the following areas:

  • Future Internet: FIESTA 4th call (August 2017), WiSHFUL 5th call (TBC, autumn 2017), Impact Growth 2nd call (September 2017), EMBERS (Challenge: autumn 2017 & 1st open call: November 2017), Orca (1st open call for extensions: September 2017 & 1st open call for experiments: December 2017).
  • IT for Manufacturing: Reconcell (September 2017) and HORSE (November 2017).
  • IoT: Agile 1st call & TagItSmart 2nd call (both for September 2017), bIoTope 2nd call (October 2017), SymbIoTe 2nd call (November 2017). Wearables: WEAR Sustain 2nd call (November 2017).
  • Innovation throughout the value chains: Impact Connected Car 1st call & Inclusilver 1st call (both for the beginning of autumn 2017).


The complementary funding mechanism of the Social Challenge Innovation Platform, which will enable the testing and market-uptake of some of the most promising solutions, will start working soon as far as, at least, 10 Challenges across Europe are expected to appear on this platform, by mid-September.


As you can see, there are many projects to check on a regular basis for updates, OR you can rather follow-up all of them (and also stay informed about new ones) in only one place at our open calls section and/or our funding opportunities space.

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Content Curator

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