Impact Poland second batch launched at infoShare 2017

This May the Polish FundingBox team was right in the middle of one of the largest tech events in Europe – the infoShare 2017 Conference in Gdańsk, Poland. We were one of the supporting partners of infoShare 2017, joining the crowd of 5500 attendees and participating in all the start-up related events. Check out what happened there!


InfoShare 2017 happened at the busiest possible moment for us – we just finished the Impact Growth open call and the open call for the second batch of Impact Poland started during the conference. Because of that, everyone from our team was constantly in the centre of attention of entrepreneurs that were eager to get to know more about both acceleration programs (and our t-shirts only fuelled this attraction). First look into the Impact Poland applications numbers seems to confirm that we reached a lot of people there! (By the way, if you have a start-up operating in health or agrifood sector and wish to expand your business – check out this site).


“Second batch of Impact_Poland was launched during the infoShare 2017 conference


FundingBox was represented by Tomek Mazuryk, Michał Olszewski, Iwona Cymerman and Mirek Manelski. Tomek and Michał had to reach Gdańsk earlier, because of their involvement in one of the side events – the Digital Healthcare Hackaton. Tomek joined the jury that had to choose the most promising digital health SME out of the 19 participants. Michał served as a master of ceremony during the semi-finals, keeping the time and inviting the teams to the stage. (We both performed spectacularly!).

The interesting part of the Digital Healthcare Contest was that two participating companies were from our Impact Poland Accelerator – AISense and CTAdventure. For the first it was a debut as a contestant of any kind and they managed to stay up to the semi-final stage. The latter performed even better and went to the finals, where they had to accept being defeated by FindAir, StethoMe and Medical Simulation Technologies. Congrats to the winners!

“AISense and CTAdventure, both accelerated by Impact Poland, reached the semi-finals and finals of the Digital Healthcare Hackathon respectively

Iwona and Mirek joined us later, participating in numerous Speed Dating sessions and constantly prowling the Amber Expo floor in search for anyone that could benefit from joining the Impact Poland open call. Of course, we had to balance these activities with participating in the actual conference. The agenda of infoShare 2017 was very strenuous this year, stretching from the inspiring talks on the packed Inspire Stage to cosy networking events like the boat cruise or early morning beach running. And each day ended with a party! Hats off to the organisers for constantly one-upping themselves each year!.

Infoshare 2017 is now over BUT remember that our second Impact Poland call is alive until June, 14th. Get more info and apply!


Michał Olszewski,

Lead Mentor,

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