IMPACT Growth, the startup accelerator made by top accelerators, global brands and VCs

IMPACT Growth, the startup accelerator made by top accelerators, global brands and VCs

Apply to IMPACT Growth and get up to €250,000 equity free

IMPACT Growth is the new IMPACT ACCELERATOR program, a program led by FundingBox, which seeks startups in the growth phase in the areas of:

  • Smart Cities
  • Smart Content. Media, AdTech and Content
  • Smart Manufacturing
  • Smart Agrifood

IMPACT Growth is a high performance and equity free acceleration program supported by, Accelerace, FundingBox, Mobile World Capital Fiware Foundation, Kibo Ventures, Invesdor, Danone, Ferrovial Servicios, Docomo Digital, and MADE, among other big players.

We are looking for highly scalable technology companies from around the world with products already on the market and with the potential to raise Seed and Series A funding rounds at the end of the acceleration program.


IMPACT Growth will invest €3.6 million euros equity free in 2017 and 2018

Why should you apply to IMPACT Growth?

First of all, because you have the possibility of receiving up to €250,000 in cash equity free!. The companies that enter in the acceleration program will receive up to €100,000 and the two best companies a prize of €150,000, so in total you can receive up to €250,000 in cash equity free. Furthermore the two best startups will have the possibility to receive up to €1.5 million of private investment, in funding rounds lead by our VCs (KIBO and Accelerace).


But it is not just for the money!!!

You would be able to participate in a 6 months Premium Acceleration Service, led by key world class digital ecosystem professionals and entrepreneurs, which will offer you:

  • Specialized training in Digital entrepreneurship and in the four sectors addressed to give you the specific tools necessary to manage your Project or business and take it to the next level
  • Ongoing mentorship at a high level, providing you with continued support throughout the whole process
  • Crowdfunding Campaigns to support you in raising additional funds.
  • Internationalization services.
  • The possibility of receive private investment from the VCs of the consortium.
  • An Investors Day where you will have direct contact with investors.

Therefore, if you want to learn and work with the most recognized professionals within your sector, with first class mentoring support and importantly real financial support, IMPACT Growth is your program.


How will work the acceleration program?

The acceleration program led by Accelerace and ISDI is divided into 3 phases:


  1. A first phase of live due diligence in which startups will receive financing, mentoring and first-level training through the Acceleration Team and their network of mentors, among which are recognized names such as Steve Cadigan (former VP LinkedIn), Javier Rodríguez Zapatero (former CEO Google Spain and Portugal) or Gustavo García Brusilovsky (founder of Amazon buy VIP). Mentoring and training will be led by ISDI. Accelerace will lead the part of live due dilligence that will qualify the startups for the following phases.
  2. Continuing a seed round phase in which the best startups will receive support to launch a Crowd Funding campaign.
  3. And a third phase of Venture Capital in which the 4 best companies will go hand in hand with investors like Kibo Ventures and Accelerace and other partners of the consortium, to close a private investment round.

IMPACT Growth connects acceleration for the first time with Venture Capital and connects with companies in each of the four verticals of the project: Smart Cities (Ferrovial Servicios), Smart Content (Docomo Digital), Smart Manufacturing (MADE) and Smart Agrifood (Danone). IMPACT Growth will have a global impact with presence in four of the five continents.


Who is behind IMPACT Growth?

IMPACT Growth is the accelerator made by top accelerators, global brands and VCs:


  • Mobile World Congress, the largest digital mobile event on the planet;
  • 4 top corporates: Danone, Ferrovial Servicios, DOCOMO Digital and MADE (LEGO and Vestas among others);
  • The FIWARE Foundation to guarantee the proper exploitation of research results aligning them with other FIWARE initiatives;
  • Accelerace and Kibo Ventures as top VCs;
  • ISDI First Digital Native Business School;
  • FundingBox as the leading European funding platform for scale-ups (startups and SMEs);
  • INVESDOR as the first global crowdfunding platform with MiFID license;
  • ISDI Mexico, which will reinforce the EC’s objectives of globalizing the Future Internet efforts via Mexico and the pilot on how to engage with Plug & Play and Tel Aviv Go Global joining the project via LoI (Letter of Interest).


Next open call will be launched on Feb 27th at 1:45 pm CET, on the stage of 4YFN; and will close on May 9th at 1 pm CET. What are you waiting for, apply now!


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