Smooth helps small businesses with GDPR

How is your small company doing regarding the famous GDPR?

The EU-funded project SMOOTH can help you with GDPR compliance if you join its Pilot Program!

Some months have passed since the famous GDPR was implemented, the new EU General Data Protection Regulation -you probably remember when back in May your inbox folder got full of emails for you to accept the new data privacy policy.


Did you know that it is the most important change in data privacy regulation in 20 years? GDPR redefines how data should be collected, stored and shared across every sector, from healthcare to banking and beyond. This is not an easy task for small companies, that can get a hand on the GDPR implementation just by answering this questionnaire.


This new regulation provides a unified framework for all EU countries defining their responsibilities regarding user consent, security and confidentiality. We can now say that European citizens are being protected from privacy breaches, but this regulation imposes a non-negligible cost to public and private organisations of any kind and size, meaning that they must adapt their data management processes and privacy policies in order to make them compliant with it. Whether your company is based in Europe or has European citizens as customers, you should understand and comply with GDPR.


Since the date the GDPR entered into force, not being compliant with it can lead to important fines, that may account as much as 4% of your company’s annual income. Pretty much, don’t you think? But after all, it is not just about the fines but also to protect your client’s personal information.


Smooth helps small companies with GDPR doubts


SMOOTH: The EU-funded project that helps small companies comply with GDPR

However, even if most companies want to comply with the GDPR, we know that its implementation presents both technological and organisational challenges, especially for smaller organisations with limited resources and expertise on data protection. In fact, many European companies are failing to adopt it due to their lack of expertise and legal resources. This is why we want to present you SMOOTH, a EU-funded project that will help small companies like yours to deal with the new data protection rules and comply with key requirements of the GDPR, without losing too much of your time.


SMOOTH is designing an online tool to generate awareness on the GDPR obligations and assess the level of compliance of companies with key provisions of the regulation, such as the requirements for consent and transparency. Behind SMOOTH, there is a consortium composed by twelve partners from six European countries, including GDPR experts, technical partners and innovations centres.


If you are interested, join SMOOTH pilot program, we will help you get this GPDR law and you will get one year free services of SMOOTH software! All what you have to do is answer this questionnaire.

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Belén Manchego,
SMOOTH Project Manager,

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