FundingBox’s bet on Industry 4.0: L4MS and I4MS-Go

FundingBox reason for being is to support digital disruptors with public funding. Lately, we’ve been active in some specific domains such as smart manufacturing, smart infrastructures and cities, smart content, smart agrifood, digital health, connected car, etc. through some of our projects: INCENSe, Impact Growth, Impact Connected Car and Impact Poland.


However, we’re conscious that a good share of digital innovation for the coming years will happen in the Industry 4.0 field as far as fast adoption of next generation ICT-based solutions for manufacturing across the business process chains is a key to European industry competitiveness.


We want to be involved in that particular range of disruption supporting the creation and promotion of advanced ICT-based solutions for the manufacturing domain and, to this purpose, FundingBox is taking part in two new projects selected by European Commission under the topic “ICT Innovation for Manufacturing SMEs” from the Factories of the Future initiative: Logistics for Manufacturing SMEs (L4MS) and I4MS Going to Market Alliance (I4MS-Go).


L4MS, sparking incremental and disruptive innovation in manufacturing

L4MS project aims at intra-factory logistics challenge by powering new innovative robot systems that are more cost effective at lower lot sizes for over 100,000 European Manufacturing SMEs & Mid-Caps.

To this end, L4MS will create an ecosystem consisting on:

  • An open industrial IoT platform with enablers for rapid and efficient deployment of customized logistics solutions.
  • A suite of “Smartization services” including business modelling, technical support, mentoring, access to skills and to finance.
  • The L4MS Marketplace, a one-stop-shop, where European Manufacturing SMEs & Mid-Caps will access the L4MS services.


To create critical initial mass for the platform and marketplace, two open calls will be issued to select over 20 application experiments, additional to the initial 3 pilots. These open calls management are FundingBox’s main contribution to the project, but will also take care of the strategy for on-line acquisition, activation and retention of stakeholders to the marketplace.


This 42-months innovation action is backed by a consortium including 6 competence centres, 5 technology providers, 4 industry associations, 3 end-users and 3 business developers, plus 6 Satellites Nodes and will cover 14 EU countries, 15 regions with 8 of them from East Europe.


I4MS Go, broadening the European manufacturing digitisation ecosystem

In the other hand, I4MS Go has quite a different approach for boosting manufacturing digitisation: we will be the providers of the the Marketplace for the I4MS initiative, building the largest on-line community of stakeholders, users and service providers, for the digital transformation of manufacturing SMEs and Mid-Caps to a profiled audience of 2 million impacts (starting on September, 2017).


This online community will benefit from an on-line matchmaking service to connect Digital Innovation Hubs offer with end-users, a clustering programme of actions and projects supported in the frame of I4MS initiative, a joint communication campaign, a platform community, an I4MS Accelerate Programme and an I4MS Skills Observatory. Additionally, all this will be reinforced with the creation of a Regional Advisory Board, mainstreaming to European Regions, promoting the creation of multi-lateral funding mechanisms and the coordination of other pan-European initiatives.


In this particular case, FundingBox will manage the on-line community set up providing a suite of customized tools and business intelligence for organizing the on-line acquisition, activation and retention of newcomers and existing stakeholders.


This ambitious initiative will be undertaken together with 4 excellent partners:

  • MADE, to lead the clustering of all I4MS Innovation Actions and the Top-100 European Digital Innovation Hubs,
  • FIWARE FOUNDATION, to lead the liaison with all DSM initiatives.
  • Mobile World Congress, to position I4MS and the Skills Observatory globally
  • Galician Innovation Agency, to create the proper liaison with Smart Specialization and to leverage further investments following multi-regional collaboration models.


Both projects are expected to start by autumn, 2017: L4MS by the beginning of September and I4MS-Go by the beginning of October. Further information on both will be published through FundingBox Spaces and in our Opencalls section, so stay updated and be the first to join the most vibrant community around smart manufacturing.


Mayte Carracedo

Business Development Manager

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