FundingBox Spaces Crowd Knowledge Base for Communities

FundingBox Spaces: the revolutionary platform to create customizable communities

Based on a crowd knowledge base repository


To create and build a community, a chat platform is not enough. It is true that by sending real-time messages you can connect and interact, and exchange content in the shape of articles, videos, infographics and more, mainly by sharing links. But all that content that you share gets lost or it is not easily accessible. We know that scrolling up or down looking for that article you sent is very annoying.


This means a new need appears: saving and organising the content shared in the chat so you can access it in a simple and fast way. That is called “crowd knowledge base repository”. To explain it in a few words, crowd knowledge base means a crowd, in this case the members of a community, by sharing content and their experiences, would build a knowledge base that inspires and benefits them all. No one better than your peers to learn new things!


You got your live chat. Do you want a Q&A section? A showroom? Maybe a section for articles or announcements? All the options and combinations fitted for purpose, customizable as you wish, to save the content. That is possible with Spaces, the platform you need to build your own customizable community with a very easy to use software. Slack, Quora, Linkedin, Wikipedia, Reddit, Whatsapp… the best of them gathered and simplified in the same place!


‘Collections’, the new feature


The new version of Spaces includes a new section: ‘Collections’. The idea behind the Collections is to gather all key information in sections and make it accessible, so in a nutshell it saves content in different formats, and it is completely customizable, so you can decide how you shape your community:


  • Articles: To feed your community with interesting content.
  • Announcements: To make sure your community doesn’t miss anything important that is happening.
  • Events: To check the calendar of those events which you cannot miss and hopefully meet the members face to face.
  • Threads: To follow discussions based on topics and chats, as in a forum.
  • Files: To use it as your drive or cloud to save important documents.
  • Questions: and answers. The “learning by asking”.


But that isn’t all: a Directory and Matchmaking section has been included too because we also provide access to the directory where every user can ask for a connection with other users and where profiles of interest are suggested to each user. We know discovering and meeting new people is always cool!

FundingBox Spaces Screenshot


To sum up, now you have, the Spaces, which are the chats to keep networking and interacting with other community members, and the Collections, used as a cloud or drive to save all the content published in the community to highlight it and make it easily accessible.


Communities are being re-invented, so Spaces is! What are you waiting for to start the fresh networking revolution?


Join Spaces today and discover our thrilling communities!

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