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Cascade funding opportunities in 2020 Horizon for 2018 -2019

There have been a good number of cascade funding opportunities (this is, financial support for third parties) so far, but the question is: there will be cascade funding in the programing period 2018-2019? Well, yes. Let’s take a view of the clues we have so far.


2020 Horizon, the European Union Research and Innovation programme, publishes every 2 years a pack of work programmes (WP), which are a set of documents including the themes (“topics”) which are supported and the calls for proposals to select the granted projects. Those WP include, in the topic description, an indication when expected projects might include cascade funding, this is, financial support for third parties (FSTP). In this context, third parties are organizations different from projects’ partners that are selected and granted by the project to undertake specific tasks in line with project’s objectives.


Recently, WP for the period 2018 to 2020 have been published and, this far, 24 topics for 2018-2019, foresee cascade funding through some of their actions and, taking into account the indicative budget allocated to those actions for cascade funding, there can be around €220 million for this type of funding opportunities.


“There is an indicative amount of around € 220 million in cascade funding opportunities in WP for 2018-2019”


From those, up to 14 “topics”, are included in the ICT domain and most of them are grouped under two focus areas:  the Next Generation Internet initiative (6 topics) and the call for Digitising and transforming European industry and services (7 topics).


Next Generation Internet

The six topics under the Next Generation Internet are focussed in Open Internet, Interactive Technologies and Artificial Intelligence and issues such as multilingualism, inclusion, collaboration with US or cross-cutting activities as the use of art to stimulate innovation. Most of them foresee the creation of on-line platforms and cascade funding (or FSTP), will be granted to small scale projects or demonstrators used to extend, enhance and pilot these platforms. Grants to final beneficiaries may range between € 50 -100K, €50-200K or €100-200K, depending on the topic.


Digitising and transforming European Industry

On the other hand, the seven topics under the call for Digitising and transforming European industry and services split between actions to support Digital Innovation Hubs (in the fields of Smart Anything Everywhere and robotics) and those to support the creation of digital industrial platforms (for smart factories, agricultural digital integration, interoperable and smart homes and grids and Big data solutions for energy).


In the case of Digital Innovation Hubs (DIH) cascade funding will be used to support a critical mass of dedicated highly innovative and cross-border experiments bringing together technology suppliers and users. In these cases, the support will be provided to SMEs or slightly bigger companies in the form of grants.


For the Digital Industrial Platforms (DIP) group, cascade funding will strengthen the activities for large-scale piloting and ecosystem building, in the form of grants, typically in the order of € 50 – 150K per third party.


Other similar cascade funding opportunities

In addition, under the Social Challenge including agriculture, there is one topic called “ICT Innovation for agriculture – Digital Innovation Hubs for Agriculture”, which has same features as those in the group to support DIH and two more, under the advanced manufacturing and the social challenge on health, which fit in the group to support DIP (these are one on digital “plug and produce” online equipment platform for manufacturing and another on a platform for smart and healthy living at home, respectively).


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