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Building thrilling communities

FundingBox Enterprise provides free software to create open calls, contests, challenges and over all… thrilling communities.

We are pleased to introduce FundingBox Enterprise, a new solution for organisations to build closer and tighter bonds with their ecosystems of innovators, subscribers, researchers, follower, SMEs, startups, etc..

Accelerators, incubators, VC funds, business angel syndicates, public bodies, research centers, event organizers, open innovation labs, innovative corporates… they all have something in common, they all are about building strong, long lasting relationships with the stakeholders they care about. They all aim to build from their networks solid and consistent communities to work with and to develop their businesses, and FundingBox Enterprise, is fully designed to help them thrive.


To build stronger businesses

After plenty of research, we learnt that all these player are facing a big problem: they lose plenty of business opportunities because they don’t have a more agile, comfortable and less frictional conversation with their key stakeholders.  Emails, phone or meetings are not good enough to keep that many conversations open. Emails are broken, they are impersonal and inconvenient to keep fresh ongoing relationships, phone and meetings are for ones to ones, not to communicate with the many. We believe organisations lack two things: First, a specifically designed tool to attract the players they want to interact with (an open call management system), and second, software  to build communities and to keep those relationships alive and kicking, something to manage a one to many relationship that is simple, intuitive and easy to use.


Launch open calls and contests, generate lively communities

With that purpose we have assembled in a product the right tools to attract whatever kind of player you care about for your ecosystem. From FundingBox Enterprise you can easily create and manage your challenges, open calls, contests and more. You design your questionnaires, publish your calls, gain access to your applicants and analytics, invite external evaluators, send notifications, etc.


But we don’t stop here, this is just the first phase to attract and gather the users, then we empower the creation of communities and we do it with all the required gear to communicate and interact in real time. Group and one to one chat and networking tools, real-time discussions and content-sharing and discovery, all ready to go, to communicate easily. No more long Google Docs, no more chain of emails and random calls, just a simple and easy to use channel to chat and communicate.


So we are excited to present you FundingBox Enterprise a new solution to attract key stakeholders, to build your community and reinforce your business and we want to invite you to have a go!


We are here to help so if you need some support drop us a line to


Discover FundingBox Enterprise!


Andrés Sánchez

Strategic Consultant and Product Manager

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