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04 Jul Building thrilling communities

FundingBox Enterprise provides free software to create open calls, contests, challenges and over all… thrilling communities. We are pleased to introduce FundingBox Enterprise, a new solution for organisations to build closer and tighter bonds with their ecosystems of innovators, subscribers, researchers, follower, SMEs, startups, etc…..

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Digital Assembly

22 Jun We, the People…

Cybersecurity? Machine Learning? Artificial Intelligence? Human Centric? Start-up Driven? Skills Focused? Academia Led? Where shall the future internet begin with? More than 200 delegates to the Digital Assembly in Malta gathered around the topic: how can the EC bring Europe back to a leading position…

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23 May IMPACT Growth Open Call in numbers

IMPACT Growth open call was closed last May 16th. During the eleven weeks that the call was open, we organized and participated in around 30 events, in 8 countries, all over Europe. The communication efforts included also actions in social media, newsletters and media, involving…

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Making States More Entrepreneurial

15 Mar Making States More Entrepreneurial

The European Commission is pioneering a new wave of startup support through innovative funding mechanisms.   FundingBox is a dynamic platform leading the digital distribution of government funds for startups going on to leverage 20 times the public funding received by startups into private investments. GLAMPINGHUB…

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