In the future, public funding will only be available to those who engage in their tech community. No matter how innovative you are, you will need to connect with others. You will have to share your knowledge if you want to win your part of the cake: 2 billion euros for startups & SMEs till 2020.

It is only by sharing that you can drive the “entrepreneurial discovery” leading to the “Entrepreneurial State”.

In FundingBox, we have developed the first global “entrepreneurial discovery” platform. A platform that helps you win public funding. Exploring your funding opportunities.  Building your own technological Collections. Connecting through your own Spaces.

At EU level, the EC has made cross border collaboration a prerequisite for many years within their R&D programs such as the current Horizon2020.

At National & Regional levels collaboration is also starting to become a “must”. Governments are announcing their new 4.0 industrial plans and Regions are implementing their Smart Specialization plans. All of them promote business collaboration and knowledge sharing.

These collaborations allow the development of new business models and R&D experiments leading to disruptions.

  • Corporates will have to engage with Startups.
  • Traditional SMEs will have to learn from Native Digital Businesses.
  • Startups will have to choose the best Accelerators.
  • Regions will have to promote their Digital Innovation Hubs.
  • Industry will need to collaborate with Competence Centres.
  • Universities will have to spin off their young talents.


“Explore” for Startups & SMES

In FundingBox startups and SMEs can “Explore” all the funding now available from H2020: at least 800 Million euros till 2020.

FundingBox is also the place where you can sneak preview the next billion euros that Governments and Regions will make available between now and 2020.

If you engage in FundingBox, you will be the first one to know what are the forthcoming grants. You will know with are the upcoming OpenCalls where you can submit your funding application.


“Gear” for Enterprise

FundingBox offers tools for Accelerators, Corporations and EU consortia to engage with Startups & SMEs. We called it “Gear” and it helps manage communities to those attracted by public funding. “Gear” includes:

  • OpenCall Management: tools for contest management. An Open Call management tool with business intelligence built-in to design third party financing, open call processes, on-line marketing and real-time dashboard services.
  • Community management: tools for community management. We provide tools for Enterprises, Accelerators and EU consortia to manage Communities of Startups & SMEs attracted by Open Calls for Funding. We help the owners of the OpenCalls transform their in-flow into a deal flow. Curating the in-flow into a community.

So far, we have attracted more than 6.000 profiles of Entrepreneurs, startups and SMEs to our platform since our launch in September 2014. We believe we can become the perfect partner to provide quality deals/proposals that are “funding ready” for investors and grantor bodies.


“Spaces” for everybody

To engage with your peers, to meet other startups, to experiment with Digital Innovation Hubs. to connect with Corporations and to join an accelerator we have created “Spaces”. “Spaces” is our own built-in messaging app that allows you to “join the conversation”. Connecting 1:1 to anyone in FundingBox, but also through our “collections” around specific topics. Joining the conversation will help you identify other startups that are looking for the same funding but also SMEs performing the same experiments . That have already applied to the same grants you are seeking. You can also spot when the next deadline will be open. In “Spaces”, Accelerators, Corporations and Digital Innovation Hubs can communicate with their startups and SMEs through their own dedicated or private channels.

FundingBox is the platform selected by the EC to manage 12 million euros in several OpenCalls. We have distributed these funding to more than 100 startups over the last 2 years.

During this period, FundingBox has become an expert on cascade funding (funding distributed through consortia for third parties). With this learning we realised what is key to succeed in funding distribution:


Go to the market

On top of supporting in the application phase, we have partnerships with world-class accelerators that provide wide experience in LEAN Startup services for high growth companies. Our partners have supported more thn 250 growth companies (Start-ups and SMEs), have created more than 400 jobs created and have raised more than €70 Million investment. Our partners are accelerators and corporates that help the startups reach their client with very specific “go-to-market” actions.


Raise private capital

FundingBox, thanks to his extensive network of more than 1,600 clients and collaborators, can provide the link to Corporates willing to support startups. Also to Regions managing  European Structural Investment Funding to support startups. Particularly in the Baltics, South Europe and CEE (Central & Eastern Europe). There, we have our own presence in 3 hubs covering all of Europe (Copenhagen. Madrid and Warsaw).

Are you an Accelerator? A Competence Centre? A Digital Innovation Hub? A Corporation? Are you interested in a partnership with us to manage cascade funding of the 2020 Horizon for Startups?

Are you willing to acces the 2 billion euros for Startups & SMEs?

Please, send us an e-mail with your profile to cascade.funding@fundingbox.com