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4 funding opportunities to get back to work

Although you might have had a great holidays, and rested a lot, and came back full of energy, you might have a vague feeling of not knowing exactly where to begin. Your case?.

Well, then, here is a good clue: if you’re an ICT SME, working in the future internet field, three calls are still open in this field and, if you’re a start-up in its growth stage in smart manufacturing, smart agrifood, smart cities or smart content, the 2nd open call of Impact Growth Acceleration Programme is already accepting applications. And more to come!


FIESTA IoT 4th Call for experiments on IoT developments

For those working in the Internet of Things, there are still a few days to apply for the 4th (and last) call of FIESTA-IoT Project, which advance and innovative developments in the Internet of Things to undertake experiments in its Experimentation as a Service platform.


Open to applications by SMEs/industry and academia, the call has a deadline on September, 18th and looks for innovative experiments, with strong preference on the domains of agriculture and/or maritime, energy consumption at data centres and indoor industrial/home environments and assessment of quality and trustworthiness of data. Selected experiments might get funding up to €50,000.


WHiSFUL 5th Call for experiments on wireless solutions

WHiSFULL project has also launched its last call (the 5th), with feasibility deadline is on September, 25th and an application submission deadline is on October, 2nd.


This call targets two categories of experiments: scientific excellence (to validate novel wireless solutions that advance the state-of-the-art) and innovation by industry (to validate wireless solutions with large potential for commercial exploitation) and offers funding (up to € 35,000) and an experimentation environment for early implementation and validation of novel end-to-end wireless solutions (IoT, 5G, LTE-WiFi coexistence, etc.)


FED4FIRE 2nd Call for cascaded experiments on Future Internet

In the case of FED4FIRE project, this is the second call issued. With a total funding available of €517,500, it targets SME experiments on future internet, such as for example but testing of new protocols or algorithms, performance measurements or service experiments.


With a two-stage submission process, up to 15 pre-proposals will be selected in the first stage and will receive up to € 10,000 (plus up to € 2,500 for the required testbed) to prepare the next stage. 6 out of those will be selected for the second stage and receive up to € 50,000 (plus up to € 5,000 for the testbed) to execute the experiment. Application deadline for stage 1 is on September, 12th and for stage 2 (only open to proposals selected in Stage 1) is on December, 12th.


IMPACT Growth 2nd Call

As we announced in our previous post, also Impact Growth launched its 2nd call on September, 5th. This is also its last call and it targets start-ups in their growth phase, which are ready to use FIWARE technology in their projects, in four verticals: Smart Manufacturing, Smart Agrifood, Smart Cities, and Smart Content. You can already apply to get up to €250,000 equity free, mentoring, training, VC contacts and more.


But, if any of those fits your project, don’t worry: some other calls are still expected to be launched during September, including the ones from Orca, Agile-IoT, TagItSmart, Reconcell and Impact Connected Car projects. You can follow them all at our Open Calls section.

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