2nd RAWFIE open call already ongoing


RAWFIE (Road-, Air- and Water- based Future Internet Experimentation) project has launched on December, 19th, 2016, its second open call for extensions and experiments, with a final submission deadline on March, 19th, 2017.

This call will provide funding for the following activities:

Extensions (hardware, budget foreseen: € 750,000)

  1. UGVs Extension: Addition & customization of Unmanned Ground Vehicles (RAWFIE-OC2-EXT-UGV)
  2. UAVs Extension: Addition & customization of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (RAWFIE-OC2-EXT-UAV)

Experimentation (software, budget foreseen: € 1,200,000)

  1. Scientific Excellence (RAWFIE-OC2-EXP-SCI) , which targets academia, research institutes, industries (not SME) or public bodies active in the domains of IoT , Robotics, Autonomous Systems, Networking or Cloud Computing
  2. Innovation by SMEs (RAWFIE-OC2-EXP-SME

For the third and fourth activities (experimentation), both targeting UxV manufacturers and providers, the submission phase will take place in two stages, with a feasibility check deadline on February, 19th, 2017, at 17 h. CET (Brussels local time) and a final submission deadline on March, 19th, 2017.

The duration of contracts will be 18 months for extensions and 12 months for experiments and the maximum amount of financial support for each proposal will be € 150,000 for extensions and € 75,000 for experiments.

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