FundingBox The Perfect Partner For Your UE Project

10 reasons why FundingBox is the perfect partner for your EU project

At FundingBox we enjoy our work and we are always trying to improve our performance. We work with passion in all what we do and we are the engine of the tasks we are responsible for, so, if you partner with us, you can keep calm and focus on your tasks.

Our goal is not just to achieve the goals of the project, we always go further. We want to leave a print in everything we do; working with us is more than collaboration, is an unforgettable experience. The European Commission is already confirming this; we had got an excellent as score in the last two projects we have recently finished, INCENSe and IMPACT.

We are not good at everything, though. Our strengths and the tasks with which we can better help you with, are the following:

  1. FundingBox open call management system, FundingBox platform includes an open call management tool called Gear. Through this platform, you can manage any open call, for distributing funding to third parties (startups and SMEs) or for selecting the best experts in a field, for example. In the last version of our solution, we have integrated a communication tool, through which you can communicate directly with the applicants of the call, with the evaluators or with any group of contacts you include in the platform, and all the products can be showed in a marketplace. We do the whole process from planning the call, preparation of the documentation (guide for applicants, application form, evaluators’ guide), help desk to applicants, management of the selection process and communications with all the parties involved.
  2. Connection with the entrepreneurship ecosystems. In the last years, we have accelerated more than 100 companies from all over Europe through our projects IMPACT, INCENSe and OpenAxel. In this process, we have built strong relationships with first class mentors (people from Google, LinkedIn, Amazon or successful entrepreneurs), accelerators, investors, corporates and startups from all over Europe. We will continue to grow this community through projects like IMPACT Growth, Impact Poland or IMPACT Connected Car, that will form one of the biggest acceleration hubs in Europe.
  3. We partner with the best. We work with Mobile World Capital, the organization that organizes Mobile World Congress and 4YFN at Barcelona, Shanghai and Silicon Valley; Telefónica, Endesa, MADE (Manufacturing Academy of Denmark, including Lego or Danfoss), Accelerace (the best accelerator in Europe according to Gust report), Docomo Digital (a multinational with presence in 35 countries all over the world), Kibo Ventures (a Venture Capital with a fund over € 70 million) or Aalto University, among others. Depending on how mature is the technology that our project is tackling, we also partner with competence centers all around Europa such as VTT, TNO, Fraunhofer or Eurecat. For each project, we look for the best players in the market to work with them.
  4. Vast network for dissemination and communication, we are based in Poland, Denmark and Spain. In all these countries we have good relationships with organizations managing startups and SMEs: government, regional innovation agencies, entrepreneurship organizations, etc. We are building similar relationships in the Nordics and the CEE countries. We can organize events, online campaigns, dissemination through their networks. Also, FundingBox has its own platform with almost 8,000 users, most of them SMEs and startups, and we have social networks with more than 2,500 followers. Our total network reaches more than 200,000 final users. And this network is growing continuously because every year we attend events like: Web Summit, South Summit or SLUSH, among others, and we start the collaboration with new people and organizations. Furthermore in our team we have inbound marketing experts that can design a complete inbound marketing campaign for the project. As a result, in IMPACT project we get more than 200 million reach through social networks, media, newsletter and events, mainly.
  5. Engagement with other EU initiatives. We usually engage with other EU projects to boost the communications of our projects. Organizing joint events, doing cross promotion or looking for synergies in our projects.
  6. Experts in EU public funding, we are experts in EU funding, mainly in H2020 and interregional programs. FundingBox is a spin-off of econet, a consultancy firm with 25 years’ experience in EU funding that has won more than 1,800 projects and more than € 2.5 billion. Therefore, we can provide services of training, proposals review, proposals preparation, partners search, etc.
  7. Experts in EU projects management, we have extensive experience in project management, we are the coordinators of several H2020 projects and therefore our knowledge of the EC compliance is vast. When we are not coordinators, we are the perfect supporter for the coordinator in project management activities.
  8. What will happen in four years from now? Our Innovation Team is studying the new trends in the European Commission to know what will happen in the near future. But also the new trends in the private innovation arena and how it will evolve in the coming years. We are starting to share part of this knowledge in some of our Spaces, communication channels to discuss about them.
  9. Our projects are best practices for the European Commission. Several of the actions we have done in the last projects have become best practices for the European Commission. In IMPACT project, the evaluators told us that all what we do in the project could be considered as a best practice.
  10. If you work with us, your project will get an excellent. The last projects we have managed got an excellent in execution in the final review of the project. The evaluators highlighted the passion that we put in our job, the collaboration we foster among the partners, our ambition, the quality of the deliverables, that we are much more than an European project and the compliance in all what we do. We have been not only awarded with an excellent but congratulated for the job we do.


If these reasons aren’t enough for you, check our YouTube where you can see testimonials of companies we have accelerated, or how we enjoy when we present a project at 4YFN.

If you want to partner with us, leave a comment in this post or contact our responsible for Partnerships and Business Development,



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